Innocents on the Run

A lot of people have asked me about my life during those three years when I was on run from the police. This is the full accounting, a long ordeal that I am currently typing from thousands of pages of notes. Expect chapters to pop up daily.

For those interested in one of the many novels generated out of my experiences, here is the full text of the 1992 verion of "Hip Cities and Lost Souls"

Hip Cities and Lost Souls

1- Criminal behavior

2- Go West, Young Man. But How?

3- Counting the cars on the NJ Turnpike

4- Philadelphia by dawn

5- A pearl-handled pistol

6- Waiting for the bus

7 -- Route 66 -- sort of

8 - The Wartons

9 - A compromise capital

10 -- Oh, that smell

11- A change of direction

12 -- On the wrong bus?

13- The hostess from Pittburgh

14 - Slipping passed Canton

15 - That girl from The South

16- A tough choice

17 - A stern man's last stop

18- Counting the Hawks

19- Caroline of Texas

20 - The world's biggest totem pole

21- A friendly warning

22- A previous appointment

23- Long Road to Amarillo

24 - One more road to Denver

25- Sad, painted lands of the Indians

26 - Flagstaff or bust?

27- Turning South

28- Phoenix, the first time

29 - Five Hundred Miles

30 -- The Last Hurdle

31- LA: a warmer New York?

32- This time, Denver or bust

33- The Streets of Denver

34- Louise, at last

35- Somewhere, they can't find me

36- Catch us if you can

37- One last scare

Return West

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