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Visions of Garleyville

Newly posted Garleyville novella

I found a load of missing chapters from the original handwritten manuscript. As each chapter represents a continuing time line starting in 1967, I'll add the chapters into the appropriate places and mark the additions with an asterisk (*). Those stories upcoming, I'll put the titles in and add the link as I find time to type them up. There are probably many more I haven't yet found so I'll add them as I find them.

A gift for Pauly: a Christmas Poem

The fire in Billly's eyes(monologue)

The ghosts of Emerald Cave(monologue)

Where the ducks are

Worse than...

The Sewer

Faking it (the script)

Sailing along: dialogue version

It's the end of the world as we know it

Where the Ducks are(The script for video)

Meatball's first feminist

Tuxedo (monologue)
What to do about me?(monologue)

Angel of the Morning

A magical mystery tour

We found it in the Village Voice

A Krishna Thanksgiving

They all sang at Woodstock

Alice's Resturant Revisited

The Connection

The sea side vacation (a novella)

Max lives alone

* Joe's Diner (novella) *

If ten were nine

Habitual Living

Deliver us from Evil

A gift for Pauly

A flight of fancy

Our House

The Last Time

All that Glitters

Battle of the Bands

a bad influence

Welcome to Connecticut

Two sides of the coin

Middle Town Birthday

Have car will travel

The Kiss

Tales from the Port Authority Men's Room

Garley related monologues

Getting Kenny to be Kenny(from Suburban Misfits)

Karabunga(from Suburban Misfits)

Warehouse addict (from Suburban Misfits)

The Ghost of Red Baron Tavern (script to my next mini film)

Secretarial pool (from Suburban Misfits)

Helping ET to go home -- the script (from Suburban Misfits)

Breaking the ice (from Suburban Misfits)

A bad influence(monologue)

Plastic Music (from Suburban Misfits)

Private Communion (from Suburban Misfits)

Just doing my job (from Suburban Misfits)

Just another old fashioned love song (from Suburban Misfits)

Living with Winnie the Pooh (From The Suburban Misfits)

Where have all the flowers gone? (from Suburban Misfits)

Deliver us from Evil(script to upcoming video)

Take him or I'll murder him(monologue)

A Gift for Paul (The screen play)

A gift for Pauly(monologue to video)

Road to no where (a full movie script from Suburban Misfits)

The ghost of our old tavern (monologue- sort of)

My chantilly Lady (sort of a monologue)

Religious School (a one-act play)

Sailing along: dialogue version

Faking it (the script)
This is the orignal script from which my later video was adapted

Nightmare from Third Street

It's the end of the world as we know it

Something is growing in my Welch's Grape drink

A tendency to wander

Where the Ducks are

Meatball's first feminist
Nevins (monologue)

How I cured a rainy night’s blues (monologue)

GArley related blogs

Hank's Passing 3/16/95

Last Supper 3/20/95

Death is dick 3/22/95

Xmas without Hank? 12/01/95

Rumor of Alf -- 12-26-95

A new home with old friends 6/1/72

Packing it in 6/30/72

Layla - 7/17/72

If ten was nine 8/1/72

Take me home country roads 9/3/72

Not another job with Hank! -- 9/5/72

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The Dark Side of Steven Spielberg -- photos and Essays
When we were young and hippies(monologue)

Graduation Practice (monologue)

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