Lips II


There is no ease in

a wish wandering

I told her

Survival of the fittest

Selling the family cow

Survival of the fitest

Nothing at all

Altered States

Bones in the closet

Can she care without a reason?

Dream streets

Beware the poet

Dream Trains

Do not touch the glass

Drenched again

Drift wood

After the storm has passed

Fog rise

I want to be a cloud

After glow

Fear of flying

Yellow lights like cat eyes

Happy Hunting Ground

Behind blue eyes

Inbetween this and that

Jewels on the bay top

An empty jar/a>

Leave it to the lark


Back to Square One

Altogether now

Her laugh

Do rocks talk back?

Another breathing lesson

Being true by default


Channel surfing

All or nothing or nothing at all

Happy Landings

Does anyone really know you?

Breakfast vegetables

Door mat man

Bad Air

I hate being wrong

In high gear

Fear of falling

Bleeding inside and out

Escaped with only my life

Knee deep but still drowning

Dark side of this moon

Breathe Deep

Fish Food


Scared out of his wits

Lightning strike

It doesn't get any better than this

I am the egg man


Dog House

Little me


A gift for Pauly: a Christmas Poem

Blue Genes

The nature of things

Me and Charlie Chaplin's Ghost

The man who went in but never came out

Ghetto Rain
Retreat from Portland

Willows and other wanderings

Rimes without reason

Nonsense verse

Freeing General Grant

The already dead

Environmental disasters in my heart

Rosie and The Babe

Only the loneliness lasts

When does the drought end?

Like a scene from a Hitchcock movie

I used to be a Party person, honest

We ain't scared of no filthy Arabs

Poems from my old hood

Environmental love

The other sister

Love so full of blood

Keeping love zipped

Vampire love

Bringing the Twin Towers down

Bleeding city blue

River in my blood

Poems of everyday

Poems of personal protest

Fender benders and other poems

Street scenes

Hoboken Rapsody

Twisted Love poems

New Orleans, a girl with her cat

Son of a boat builder (AKA Sailing along): poem, two-person script

World's End poem

Poems of Love and Lust

On Uncle Harry's dying young

Text for Circling the Twin Towers poem

Blossoming: a love poem

Feeding frenzy: a poem for my boss

crippled: Just another Paterson poem

Growing up in Paterson

Snap shots of the city

Passaic River Melodies

Crosses in Concentration Camps

Windows of Black: On liberating Auschwitz-Birkenau

Rock & Roll Angels: poetry and journals 1978-1980

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