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UPDATE 7/3/11I've rewritten the script to Production Value, trying to tighten it down to 15 minutes. Half way through, I realized I'm not good enough with annimation to keep the characters as kids, so I have to reinvent them as somewhat whacko adults -- since I need to use close ups and such.
I had already abandoned the front frame of the old man because it just didn't work after the train crash opening. So I wrote a whole new scene with a ticket clerk instead.
I've managed to shoot some production value backdrops in Woodstock, Scraton, Kingston, so I can use local jersey City to fill in. Once I've finalized the shooting script, I'll post it.

UPDATE 6/28/11 I finished the first script to Production Value, a parody of Super 8, which I have already started to shoot

Production Value (Super 8 parody script)

UPDATE 9/2/10 I've rewritten my Krakow script and decided to shoot it completely from scratch with as little blue screen as possible, using local locations


I've also designed a film based on the Indiana Jones structure which I will film next called Sam Snoop and the Monster of the Twin Towers:

Sam Snoop and the Monster of the Twin Towers

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New parody of Indiana Jones

This is a film treatment to a possible parody video in anticipation of the new Indiana Jones film (5)

Like Father; Like Son (Indiana Jones parody)

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Jurassic Puddle

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The trouble with Snoop

Tom Hank's Demons (a parody)

Stalker (reedited)

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I've written the scrip to another more serious parody of War of the Worlds. I wasn't happy using all that blue screen for "Saving Tom Cruise" but I wanted to use all of the photos I have from the Bayonne War of the Worlds sets. I've included the script here, although I'll be finishing Private Sullivan first.

Searching for Ray Ferrier (film script to mini movie)

Saving Private Sullivan (The film)

Saving Private Sullivan

Link to Sam Snoop and the City of God

Saving Private Sullivan (Script version 2)

Saving Private Sullivan (the script)

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