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I'm finally back to upgrading the website. I'm uploading old journals and will be continue the Innocents on the Lamb series which is an account of my three years on the run from the law during the late 1960s and those I met along the way.
I'm also doing more movie essays and such so please check back frequently.


Lips II


There is no ease in

Sharks must be sharks Sept.26 , 2013

Cool change of climate Sept.24, 2013

That track back Sept.23, 2013

Waking in expectation of change Sept.22, 2013

The rain that never comes

Out the other side Sept.21, 2013

Purity restored Sept.20, 2013

Plum Sept.15, 2013

Someone else's playground Jan. 3, 2013

The fly inside, Jan. 10, 2013

St. Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2013

The need to feed, March 15, 2013

Bowl of string beans, March 29, 2013

On a stoop in Secaucus April 11, 2013

Anti-Matter April 12, 2013

Fear of falling May 15, 2013

After the rain in Manhattan June 5, 2013

Unripe Pear Aug. 15, 2013

Big Pete: A big footprint

Liza Williams: The forgotten Beat

Lost Writings ofLiza Williams

1983 blogs

Essays on Cowboys & Aliens

Sue Walsh story: 1998 menu

Production Value (Super 8 parody script)

Essay on Super 8

Dancer on the Sand ongoing novel

No hope -- part 1 of Star Wars parody


Sam Snoop and the Monster of the Twin Towers

New jouranalism awards

Defying God Spielberg

Beer Collection (1978)

Rose Buds(1984)

Election Day jitters

1/1/85 -- Four years later

2/6/85 -- Do I become a reporter or what?

3/5/85 -- Rejected again

3/22/85 -- Sexie Sadie

World War III

Mirror on my world

Chicken Run as Indiana Jones

The James Bond Experience

Latest monologues

Katie Berces (true account)

Regina Resnick (true account)

Luba Woloski (true account)

Krakow (The screen play)

The Jew next door (The screen play)

Krakow (a film treatment)

Six Million Faces in my head

Breaking bread


Pool ball at my head


The Sound of his boots

Flower Power

Color My World

The Shape of Things

What's up with kids today?

BTTF as The Time Machine

Spielberg abandon's Harvey


Latest typed in blogs

It could have been worse

All's ill that ends ill

Christmas traditions gone afoul

Krazy the cat

Vengeance instead of justice

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