Liza Williams

The Forgotten Beat


By Al Sullivan


“She was a special person perceptive and thinking .  She was  involved with the rights of the people who needed someone like her to express their views.  I always enjoyed being with her.  I hope this information helps your understanding the kind of person she is.” -- Roslyn Targ


Author’s note:


I’m writing this book both to set the record straight about one of the most underrated writers of the 1960s and to keep her alive in my memory. Because there is not a lot of information available about her, some of this volume is based on documents, her columns, what others have said and published, and guess work. Hopefully this will be enough. I’m listing chapters as I have planned them, which may change as I do more research and get more information from others who might contact me as time goes one. I will add links as I complete these chapters.


1 – Introduction: How I came to know her

2- Roots of a Radical Chick(modified again)

3- Liza's notorious mother

4- Growing up absurdist

5- Liza: A farm girl?(revised content)

6- The destruction of Bickford's

7- Educating Liza

8- What's the matter with dad?

4 – On her own: 1946-1949

5 – Meet the Beats

6 – Are you a communist?

7 – On the road in Europe

8 – South Africa (1953 to 1964)

9 – KPKF – 1965

10 – A column of her own 1966

11- Are you experienced? 1967

12 – 1969: revolution

13 --  1970 – 71: a published author

14 – 1972: Disaster

15 – AIDS: the 1980s

16 – Won’t fade away: 1990s

17: Where is she?












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