The Susan Walsh Story


This is the 1998 version of this book. I rewrote it several times starting in 1996 just after Susan Walsh disappeared from Nutley, and ceased rewriting versions around 2001.


Vanishing Act

Friends at a distance

Ships that pass in the night

Divided opinions

An American Myth

Dead or alive?

A bottom feeder

Joe Walsh's Brother

Tea and crumpets

Unfortunate timing

Older but no wiser

Something strange

Coming Home

Not like it was

Along comes Sue

A blast from the past

The magazine

Sue. C. Gorgeous

Not Sue's Type

Patterns of a Party Girl

Dry Ice

Seeking Power

Why did you move my desk?

Crying Jag

Doug & Danny

Danny & Me

An Older Man

Stanley's Curse


Which Todd are you?

A marvelous manipulating Sue

The dry alcoholic

Part Two: The Edge

Tour Guide

My time on the edge

A vulnerable Sue

Show World's World

Scab Labor



When Old Friends meet

A Miracle for Sue

The Treadmill of Life

A desperate move

Along Comes Hardin

The Nutley Connection

A town with a history

A tale of Three Brothers

Back into the Underworld

Screw Magazine

The Vault

A flawed child

Visions of Red Light

Sue's Paranoia

The Russian Mafia

Ridgeway gets it wrong

Sue's Sisterhood of Sex

Obsessed with the dark side


I want to suck your -- blood?

The nature of the beast

Vampire fantasy

Plotting revenge

The games Sue played

A red light betrayal

Won't they miss me when I'm gone


Sensationalizing Sue Walsh

More vampire fantasy

Vampire fantasy renewed

An Associated Press

Trouble with Florida

The Herald Strikes again

Sightings and Psychics


A Professional Opinion

Fleeing Malik's Place

Whose spin do you believe?

Looking for Judy

A Sue Look-a-like

Lessons from Abbie Hoffman

The Mysterious Mr. X.

The Man from NeXt

A meeting of minds

Two Sues?

Flash Dancers

Along comes unsolved mysteries

Everybody's in show biz

Floyd's threat

Obstruction of Justice

A national broadcast

We've found a body

No expectations

The Underground Sue

A year later


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