Dancer on the Sand

The Peggy Yacyniak Story


Late last year, after I learned of Peggy’s death in 1999, I started to reassemble the novel I first started to write about her in 1987. This differs from the journals I wrote at the time because it makes use of a significant amount of notes I took that were intended to be used as a novel. While some of its is speculative, every bit of it is real in important ways, except that in the novel, I condensed events, and at times, take events out of order for dramatic effect. 

In reassembling the novel, I also did additional research and so this became a much different work than the one I intended to write in 1987 when I presumed that somehow by writing it I could some how save her from herself.

While I’m still not completely certain about some of the relationships, I am satisfied that this work best represents who Peggy was and my feelings about her.

I wrote another novel using her as a character called “Paterson,” but that is a complete fictional account, and one I had intended to sell as a pot boiler.

            Since in reassembling this work, I hand wrote the final draft, it will take me time to post it all, so I will be posting them a chapter at a time.

1- Peggy is dead

2- Roots in the old world

3- The My Way Lounge

4- A girl with an attitude

5- Taking notice of Peggy

6- The Candy Man

7- A drink limit

8- Happy Birthday, Wolfman

9- Chicken Scratch

10- The Paddington Bear incident

11- A few gifts for Peggy

12- A ride to remember

13- Peggy's World

14- Dinner for Two?

15- The Club House Saloon

16- John Wayne is her true love

17- Meeting El

18- Love and Kindness growing up

19- Movie material

20- The Cave

21- The Frigid Princess

22- What color are my eyes?

23- Between the sheets

24- Happy Hour?

more to come

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