Everyday People

What are old friends for? (monologue)

I'm doomed (monologue)

Call Martin (monologue)

The trouble with Jason (monologue)

The last word (monologue)

Hoping the lightning comes next

Doing the unthinkable

I got feelings, too (A one-act play)

Monster and the Monroe Doctrine (A one-act play)

Don't ask me why (monologue)

Sympathy for a devil (monologue)

Harvey and me (monologue)

Loser (with video)

My old man (with video)

Just one more illusion, man (monologue)

My old man (monologue)

Just give me some truth (monologue)

Too late to be honest (monologue)

Wake up (short script)

The condo (monologue)

Dumbing myself down (monologue)

Lenny (monologue)

Something that matters (monologue)

That part ain't ugly

A great escape (monologue)

Things grow small (monologue)

An apple a day (monologue)

PBCs (monologue)

Pissing off Lt. Walker (monologue)

Another bad Friday (monologue)

Ides of March (monologue)

Eternity rails (monologue)

Great White Hunter (monologue)

All bets are off (monologue)

The Assassination (monologue)

I don't need love right now (monologue)

Stroke (monologue)

Are we next? (monologue)

Dentist (monologue)

Ghost joggers (monologue)

Tom Hank's Demons (shooting script for parody)

Something goes right -- for a change (monologue)

She's my best friend's girl now (monologue)

Hard work is for losers (monologue)

Full of holes (monologue)

Do Gold Diggers Cry? (monologue)

Filmore George (monologue)

Acid and Ice (monologue)

The wrong side of the radio (monologue)

All you can eat (monologue)

Bubbles on the roof (monologue)

From dust to dust (monologue)

Not the old routine at all (monologue)

The boss' girl (monologue)

Not quite half way (monologue)

A Tap on our soles (monologue)

Raped Twice (monologue)

A tree grows in my back hard (Monologue & video)

Birthday (Monologue)

Living with a hair's trigger (Monologue)

Sometimes togetherness goes too far (Monologue)

Tides (Monologue)

Trouble in paradise (Monologue)

Clock Work (Monologue)

Something is better than nothing (Monologue)

No heroes in this game (Monologue)

Abandon Hope (Monologue)

Three-Day Pass

In the park with George

The alien next door

The sting of being strange


OUt of my mind


Nothing at all (monologue)

Cold Comfort (monologue)

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday

Starving Already

The Director

Sam Bowman(monologue)

The plum in Pauly's kitchen(monologue)

Where I am(monologue)

A good neighbor(monologue)

Getting it right this time(monologue)

Getting it right this time(monologue)

It's the Devil in me(monologue)

Becoming pratical(monologue)

Pauly is back (monologue)

I hated him, not her(monologue)

Being Sheila's Brother(monologue)

Down and out in the Tick Tock Diner(monologue)

God opens a window(monologue)

Punk's not dead yet(monologue)

Fire in the House(monologue)

I held a party but nobody came (monologue)

Happy Hour (monologue)

The girl across the street (monologue)

Closing in on thirty (monologue)

Portrait of Alexander Hamilton (monologue)

What love is (monologue)

Fish that Bite (monologue)

Love Explains Everything (monologue)

Supper (monologue)

Truck Stop 4/15/70 (six connected monologues)

Nothing to worry about but me (monologue)

Call me back

Wheeler Dealer(monologue)

Gil don't live here no more (monologue)

Will you please stop laughing(monologue)

My father's business(monologue)

Keeping the lines from blurring

When trust is not enough

Cork Cavern(monologue)


I'm okay now (monologue)

What's a mother to do? (monologue)

Thirty years later (monologue)

The Shop (monologue, maybe?)

Wrong Number (cheap melodrama)

Starving men don't smile, do they? (monologue)

Inside of me (monologue)

Putting on a happy face

Held accountable?

A minor compensation

A passionate plea

All I can do

The life I never had

Our house(monologue)

Attention to Details(monologue)

Bury your mother in Jersey

Just blame Santa Claus

The boy that I loved

Are they Martians or Devils? (monologue)

Wrathful scripture (monologue)

What's the matter with kids today? (monologue)

Same old; same old (monologue)

Snow bound (monologue)

There for the grace of God go I (monologue)

A cruise to remember)

The Babble in eight acts(An absurdist play)

It's your fault, too (monologue)

I am not alone (monologue)

You can never be too careful(monologue)

Shards of ice (Monologue)

Sometimes I feel so uninspired (Monologue)

Just say no to no smoking

Why I smiled at another man (Monologue)

Time to Go(a one act play)

Here I go again(Monologue)

Just a nervous guy (monologue)

Strip (Monologue)

The ghost in the machine (Monologue)

All there is (monologue)

Last Supper(Monologue)

Holy Thursday (Monologue)

Stashed in Arizona (Monologue)

For old time's sake (monologue)

No questions asked (monologue)

The day they don't want you (monologue)

The simple life (monologue)

A worthless boy (monologue)

Big Dumb, White Boy (monologue)

Embracing life (monologue)

All I ever needed (monologue)

When black holes collide (monologue)

Do you want some eggs (monologue)

Just like the good old days

Life shouldn't be fair

Heroes and cowards

The same old dull routine
The last brick in the wall(monologue)

At peace with myself (monologue)

All right with me (monologue)

Buying my bullets one bottle at a time (monologue)

Sometimes I dream for more (monologue)

Our House (monologue)

Carol's Perilous Seas (monologue)

Seething (monologue)

Only a little perverted (monologue)

Rebound man (monologue)

The long way home (monologue)

Big Brother's little helper (monologue)

That Old Fashioned Killer Instinct (monologue)

Out in the sticks (monologue)

Being Tom Cruise (monologue)

Nothing else matters(monologue)

Hard Luck, Buddy(monologue)

Being me (monologue)

Monee (monologue)

Leaning into the plate(monologue)

How I get there from here (monologue)

The matter of Carl (monologue)

God help us (monologue)

I hate this gig (monologue)

My last chance at life (monologue)
The Crossing (monologue)

The final solution (monologue)

Dear Roger (monologue)

That video man in my head (monologue)

We never take no for an answer (monologue)

Never look back again (monologue)

Ruining the neighborhood (monologue)

When we were young and hippies(monologue)

The first stone
Every which way (monologue)

The cool kid (monologue)

Not home alone this time (monologue)

How I cured a rainy nightís blues (monologue)

No excuses (monologue)

If I donít have Jesus as my friend, I donít have nobody. (monologue)

A real party girl (monologue)

All in a day's work (monologue)

Samll sacrifice for art (monologue)

Just be patient (monologue)

Neither white nor black (monologue)

King of the warehouse (monologue)

Not quite a great poet (monologue)

A good night to go home (monologue)

Missing her already (monologue)

Seven Subway stops to eternity (monologue)

A not so starving artist (monologue)

Harry's answer to heartbreak (monologue- adult language)

A double date (short play)

Sometimes, Itís better to be a zombie than to feel too much pain(monologue)

Tsunami (monologue)

Twenty to one (monologue)

That'll teach her (monologue)

Hungry for something (monologue)

On loan (a single act play)

Oldies night (adult language) (monologue)

To Mr. Halfer
Happy Harry's Discount Hospital (monologue)

Fools like me (monologue)

A clean break

Missing Ed

A slow moving accident

Pride of the PBA

Waiting to fly

Storm over Mahwah

Hunting Winter

Frog Legs

Elvis in my head

Bah! Humbug!


The faces in the mirror
No questions asked (monologue)

What's next? (monologue)

Dead End
Number Five Terrytown Place (A long and risky monologue)

A team effort (monologue)

Confessions of a fink

How I won

For old time's sake

Welfare to Work or what?

The curse of infidelity

No Respect

The Rights of being rich

It isn't fair

Broaching Retirement

Why Johnny Can't read

Winning the Derby

Every Man's Dream: Confession of a sexaholic

Not like him at all

The only good homo --

Shucking the Trades

For the life of me

This ain't no game

Look what they've done to our kids!

Out in the boondocks

A walking talking natural disaster

A red rubber ball

And we thought...

Fractured Fratman

Sister Love


Why safe sex works

Doing her part

breakfast (converted from one act play)

No Future

No Way

The sound of breaking glass

For the life of me

Not like him at all


Shucking the Trades

Relying on Nicoli: film treatment

Prodigal son?: monologue

Small Mistakes: monologue

Sad September: treatment for one act play

He ain't so smart: monologue sort of

When God was a hen: a short scene
Young Turks


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