Nothing at all


Hey, Baby!

Itís me thatís knocking.

You donít have to open up. I just came here to talk this time.

You donít have to be uptight.

I never meant to cause you no trouble.

I must have been out of my head.

I know you got a restraining order on me and that Iíll go back to jail if the copís catch me here.

But I needed to come.

I needed to wish you a good life without me.

I know you hate me.

Half the population of LA County hates me. So Iím used to it.

Me hurting you, thatís different.

I donít feel at all good about that.

I just needed to tell you that, so you understand where Iím coming from.

No, it ainít love.

Itís something else, something I donít know how to put into words.

I would have to rip open my chest to show you what it is.

But you know me.

You know I canít expose myself to nobody like that.

I already hurt too much to let anybody get a gander of whatís inside of me to use it against me.

Yet I wanted you to know.

Thatís the only reason I cam.

Now Iíd better get out of here before I say or do something both of us might regret.

You enjoy yourself, you hear?

You keep your head up, too.

You got nothing to be ashamed of.

I do.

We ainít gonna talk about that either.

Well, baby, I gotta go.

Just keep your door shut and locked.

If you hear anything out here, itís just me

Ignore it.

Itís nothing.

You hear me, baby?

Itís nothing at all.


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