Call me back


Look baby, my change is running out.

Why donít you call me back?

You sound lost, baby

And scared.

And I hope itís not about me.

Yeah, I know all men are creeps, and maybe Iím a creep, too.

But youíve got to call me back so we can keep talking

I feel like a lost sheep out there without you in my life

I never meant to hurt you or drive you away.

Youíve got to believe that, even if you donít believe anything else I say.

Baby, please, call me back.

The change just dropped and the operator says if I donít put in more money sheís gonna cut me off.

Whatís that?

I can barely hear you for all the static.

Long distance and all that, you know.

Are you crazy? Is that what I hear?

Baby, please, youíve got to call me back.

We canít leave it off like this.

What guy?

What did he do to you?

Okay, so he seemed nice when you meat him at the bar.

What did he do?

Operator, get off the fucking line. This is important.

Baby, you still there?

Call me back.

I need to hear you without this bitch of an operator.

Let me back into your life, baby.

So I can protect you from creeps like that.

You know I never meant to hurt you.

You know Iím just a dumb fuck sometimes.

You know how much I need you and you need me.



No operator, I donít need to make another fucking call



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