The Director


(On the telephone)


Thatís fine, Harry.

I canít hear you too, well.

Are you on a cell phone?

Sure, anything you want.

I know you got some good ideas. But not all your ideas make good movies.

I know you hear the studios. But you pay me to make the hard choices.

Whatís that, Harry?

Sure Iím listening.

You have my undivided attention.

Whoís in my office?

That Belmont kid.

The one Iíve been telling you about.

Yes, yes, thatís right Ė he writes.

But heís got talent, Harry, and heíll make this picture a hell of a lot better if we give him a chance.

No, I donít have anything against your nephew.

He just couldnít get the idea we needed for the picture.

I gave him another chance, Harry.

I gave him 47 chances.

Each script was worse than the last.

I donít him this was a love story, not a horror movie.

Se he gives me a script with an eight foot green Frankenstein falling in love with a three foot purple hobbit.

What am I supposed to do with that?

Sure we could have shot it in black and white. But it was easier to get another writer.

And I like the Belmont kid.

And Iím telling you if you donít let me have him, youíll need a new director.

Take it as a threat if you want. Iím serious.

Find, call me back when you decide.

(Slams down the phone)

Donít worry, Belmont. If he doesnít want us, somebody will

(The phone rings. He snatches it up)



Now as I was sayingÖ


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