Spielberg invades Bayonne

News stories about War of the Worlds

These are some of the news stories I wrote for my paper and other publications

Unfortunately, my paper is changing web companies and under the new format the old stories will no longer be linkable, so I am reposting them on my website
I'm doing this in stages -- text first -- and later, graphics

The Martians are coming

Have we been invaded?

A view from a bridge

Coffee for Cruise

It's all too much

Tom Cruise: a regular guy?

Thanks for the memories

On the Spielberg scene

Surviving the surreal

Bit part in a big movie

Rescuing Spielberg

Seeing Tom Cruise drive

Security issues

Last days of Cruise

The life and death of Spielberg's gas station

The Athens Shoot

The Girl in the Green Mustang: Staten Island shoot

Not at home: the Howell Township shoot

The Merrick Farm Shoot

A gift for Cruise

Reporter's Notebook: A picture of Cruise

Wrapped up in the Spielberg cult

Dramatics at the Superbowl

A cultural exchange: Japanese visit War of Worlds site

Aliens in the outfield

A gift from the stars?

Close but no Cruise

Saving Private Ryan -- and others

Sanchez gets invite to priemer

Bayonne's connection to Spielberg's Jaws

email to Al Sullivan

The Dark Side of Steven Spielberg -- photos and Essays

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