Music Videos

Some of these are original songs, other covers

So tired

Where have all the heroes gone?


I didn't know I could be your man

Walkway Jam

LeeAnn Rimes: Amazing Grace

Sugar Mountain

I know you

Holding on

Who knows where the time goes?

All Along the watch tower

Street Corner Blues

No Expectations

Moonlight Mile

Ode to the Pulaski Skyway

Freezing mile

Rolling along

One more day

He keeps a three story house in the back of his car

Gonna live my life

Guardian of the Skyway


Knocking at Heaven's Door

Sandy Eyes

Intrepid comes to Bayonne

My Guy, Bill

The Day George Harrison Died

Would you love me if I was Tom Cruise?

Dancer on the Sand

Barefoot in the Park

At the Hopper

The woodchuck tour

It's Growing: invasion of the Red Weed

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