Other upcoming video projects

If you're an actor or director and want to get involved in any of these projects, email me.

Meet me in Munich

I put this project off several times partly because I needed more time to review the original movie. I should be getting to this soon.

Script to Meet me in Munich

Remakes of old films

I'll be remaking several old films that I'm not completely happy with. These include Ghost of Old Mill Tavern, Blood and some others. I'll put up the new scripts when I have them.

New films already scripted

I have the basic scripts to about five new films. These are part of a series of "Twilight Zone" like films or magic realism. I'll post the scripts when I have time.

My version of AI

The response was so good to Who Killed George McFly that I'm going to try something similar with AI -- although I thought Stalking Spielberg was a better film, and I will be using techniques learned from both.

A new Sam Snoop adventure

If Lucas and Spielberg can bring back Indiana Jones for a new film, I can make another Sam Snoop parody of the series.

Sam Snoop and the City of God (the script)

No one to blame

I've had this scripted and blocked for almost a year but never got around to making it.

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