Dancer on the Sand

Peggy Yacyniak

1959 – 1999


These are journal entries written during and after my short 1986-97 relationship with Peggy Yacyniak, a monumental relationship that changed my life forever.

UPDATE: 5/26/11I recently completed reconstructing the novel I wrote about Peggy back in 1988, with added chapters to reflect contemporary information
The reconstruction makes use of other journal entries, passages converted to fiction, and other data I did not put up with this collection. The novel condenses time so that some scenes are a combination of events, but nearly all the information is real or as I remember or was told.
I'll start putting up the new chapters in a few days -- some of it is similar to what is contained here, although with added information I found in old files since I put this material on the web.

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 These journal entries come from a number of sources, some of which were typed out, others which were put into notebooks, and transcribed for this account, some cover the same or similar content, so I tried to put them in a general order, but I included all versions including contemporary commentary (2010) after I learned of Peggy’s death.

It is important to note that I am adding new material as I find it, sometimes inserting it into existing chapters. I kept a lot of notes in different places and so please be patient and check back often. I added a lot to Chapter 10 rtecently.


1- Peggy's Dead

2- My Way Lounge

3- Seduction

4- Peggy: the Dancer

5- Are you a Jets Fan or what?

6- Asking Peggy for a date

7- Playing me for a fool?

8- The Date

9- Aftermath

10- What color are my eyes?

11- Man of Tin

12- The Cave

13- The Frigid Princess

14- Sexual Politics

15- On the Brink of Disaster

16- Busted

17- Music Man

18- The Green-eyed monster

19- Love changes everything

20- Happy Birthday, Alfred

21- It's Over

22- Party Crasher

23- wow do you know when it's over?

24- Toad Ache

25- Death of her inner voice

26- The last time ever I saw your face





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