A Nation at War

By Al Sullivan

Private Al Sullivan & friend Vinnie: 1969

This is a story of soldiers as reported for various newspapers over the years, some of the accounts rewritten for this volume from how they first appeared.

1- A basic Mistake
2- A long walk home
3- A Pair of Boots
4- Walking in his brother's footsteps
5- Laywer, not warrior
6- Choppers to the rescue
7- A man with a mission
8- Poem for the Holocaust
9 - Best kept Secret
10- Uncovering the Jewish past
11- Remembering Pearl Harbor
12- POW in WWII
13- So long, Joe
14- Banning the Bomb
15- Keeping the Watch
16- Graduation at last
17- Go West, girl -- West Point
18- Bringing Old Glory home
19 - The first time in Iraq
20 - A return engagement
21- Waiting and Worrying
22- Helping the children of Iraq
23- A poem in her heart
24 - A promise kept
25- A shoe box full of hope
26- Providing aid to a war zone
27- Beans, bullets and mail
28- A solider's visit
29- The passing of a hero
30- Meeting his hero: the man who dropped the a-bomb
31- WWII Sixty years later
32- Back from Iraq
33- Back from the front
34- Something to remember him by

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