Al Sullivan's Midnight Gallery

This is a collect of SF, horror and Fantasy -- some written in the tradition of Night Gallery and Twilight Zone. Since a huge amount of my written material is in handwritten form, check back from time to time as I add stories

Hunting Aliens like bears: this works best as a radio script

Mind Messengers (new)

This old farm boy

Beast in my mind

Age of Reason

Ending up like Bob(monologue)

The Trouble with Redweed (A Spielberg parody)
Tourist Trap (monologue)

Alien Romance (monologue)

The final solution (monologue)

Make room for me (monologue)

Two for Tansor (monologue)

Darth Vadar in Love (film treatment for prequil rewrite)

I am no god (monologue)

The last man on earth (monologue)

2007: a space tragedy (monologue)

The door (monologue)

Jaywalking in space (Monologue)

When the hunger comes, I must feed(monologue)

Old wives' tales in space (Monologue)

Bubble Trouble (Monologue)

Stars in my eyes (Monologue)

Blood in the alien snow (Monologue)

Vampire party? (Monologue)

Daisy (A monologue)

Have space craft; will escape (monologue)

Air for one

Sunset memories (a sf monologue sort of)

The love drug(Sci Fi monologue)

Earth Terrorists (idea treatment for possible SF film)

The joke's on us (an Science fiction monologue)

Fad Diet(monologue)

Hunting Aliens like bears: this works best as a radio script

Picnic with aliens: the original script

Heart of the Sun
Robots from Outer space (monologue)

A girl has to feed (monologue)

Space Fright

Slip of the tongue

From Out of the Outlands (2002) -- large novel

Overnight in the Outlands

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