This is a collection of short scripts and stage plays. Some of them are converted from monologues. Some I'm using to create mini movies for youtube

No hope -- part 1 of Star Wars parody

Sam Snoop and the Monster of the Twin Towers



Like Father; Like Son (Indiana Jones parody)

Searching for Ray Ferrier (film script to mini movie)

Saving Private Sullivan (Script version 2)

Number Three (one act play) (fixed link)

It's your time (short script)

Return of the Ring: part one (mini movie script)

Helping ET to go home -- the script (from Suburban Misfits)

Invaders from space(script)

Lenny's last word (a short script)

The Ghost of Red Baron Tavern (script to my next mini film)

Thief (A very short play)

Conspiracy theory (Works best as a radio play)

Conspiracy (an action adventure script)

I got feelings, too (A one-act play)

Wake up (short script)

Tom Hank's Demons (shooting script for parody)

On loan (a single act play)

Bail out (short script)

The Gray Panther (two character play)

The west that never was (full length feature film script)

Flash in the pan (yet another western script)

Stage Coach Stop (an attempt at a Hollywood formula western)

No one to blame(short two person play)

Road to no where (a full movie script from Suburban Misfits)

Religious School (a one-act play)

Deliver us from Evil(script to upcoming video)

Harvey and me (The script)

Jurassic Puddle (A new parody script)

Stalking Spielberg (short script)

Who killed George McFly (the revised script to my upcoming mini-movie)

Sam Snoop vs Killer Jaws (script to my next video)

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