Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Bender's Pet (mini movie script)

Maria's Wind (monologue)

Number Three (one act play) (fixed link)

The Un-handyman of Space (monologue)

Shooting for the stars (treatment)

Protected: a space opera (film treatment)

Lenny's last word (a short script)

Small (working script to my next film)

It's your time (short script)

They got her (a film treatment)

Return of the Ring: part one (mini movie script)

Dirt Diggers (monologue)

Giving me another drink (monologue)

An ugly cuss like me (monologue)

That Dirty Jew! (monologue)

Comrade Terrorist (monologue)

Worms (Monologue)

We're not all frogs (monologue)

The silver fish comes

They're all alive(monologue)

Lover's moon(monologue)

The trouble with Rapture(monologue)

Eight hands to hold me (monologue)

Just keep moving(monologue)

The Truth about science (monologue)

Forever Young (monologue)

No Gods, just me(monologue)

What it means to be savage(monologue)

A matter of boundaries (a horror film treatment)

Five Billion Credit Man (monologue)

As Dead as Bob is(monologue)

Fender Bender (monologue)

Invasion of the mutant crabs(monologue)

The joke's on us (an Science fiction monologue)

Ending up like Bob(monologue)
Robots from Outer space (monologue)

A girl has to feed (monologue)

Tourist Trap (monologue)

Helping ET to go home -- the script (from Suburban Misfits)

Picnic with aliens: the original script
Fad Diet(monologue)

Hunting Aliens like bears: this works best as a radio script
The curse (monologue)

Alien Romance (monologue)

The last man on earth (monologue)

Sunset memories (a sf monologue sort of)

Staying on the cutting edge (monologue)

Billy's share (monologue)

Air for one

2007: a space tragedy (monologue)

Blood in the alien snow (Monologue)

Invaders from space(script to my next film)

Have space craft; will escape (monologue)

Reality's bite (Monologue)

Vampire party? (Monologue)

The love drug(Sci Fi monologue)

Daisy (A monologue)

Jaywalking in space (Monologue)

Old wives' tales in space (Monologue)

Earth Terrorists (idea treatment for possible SF film)

Stars in my eyes (Monologue)

The Ghost of Red Baron Tavern (script to my next mini film)

When the hunger comes, I must feed(monologue)

The door (monologue)

Tall Tales (monologue)

Make room for me (monologue)

Two for Tansor (monologue)

I am no god (monologue)

Feeling Human (monologue)

The Curse (a Poe parody)

Heart of the Sun
Darth Vadar in Love (film treatment for prequil rewrite)

Calendar for a new world order(monologue)

Long ago and far away (monologue)

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