Taking the heat


This is a book about my experiences with the Secaucus fire department, including some stories from when I covered Secaucus from 1992 to 2004.



Jounrnal 01/23/10: The first time I died in a fire

Jounrnal: The Brotherhood

trial transcripts

Chapter 1: Not a popular guy

Chapter 2: a danerous situation

Chapter 3: The 4 O'Clock Club
Chapter 4: Shutting the tap

Chapter 5: Let's Make a deal

Chapter 6: Causing Trouble

Chapter 7: The Great Dundee Fire

Chapter 8: The Parade

Chapter 9: A close shave

Chapter 10: Welcome to Secaucus

Chapter 11: A new truck

Chapter 12: In case of Fire

Chapter 13: The Joke's on you/A>

Chapter 14: So Where's the new fire truck?

Chapter 15: A continuing history

Chapter 16: One of the heroes

Chapter 17: Behind the Bloomfield door

Chapter 18: How the pros do it

Chapter19: The state's smallest firefighter

Chapter 20: Gas Explosion at Gail Place

Chapter 21: The Burning Season

Chapter 22: Good Bye, Joe

Chapter 23: First on the scene

Chapter 24: Oral Surgery

Chapter25: Tragedy in Secaucus

Chapter26: First Aid; First Hand


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