Journal Archieves 2006



Is George W. Bush the essence of Evil?

Feeling sorry for Spielberg and Cruise

Weaving a tapistry of sources in Spielberg's War

The hero did kill the cleric -- a foolish mistake

Why I make my silly films

When Spielberg isn't Spielberg

Spielberg: Walking in Orsen Welles' footsteps?

Munich and the Academy

Is Bush a pusher?

Rock and Roll Weary: 1979-80

My blogs: 1980

The VP shoots someone's eye out

Censorship or common sense

Crucifying Cruise

Mulling it over

Spielberg's shots: a closer look

How the van shot was done: an editing mistake

Primal Urges

World of the Worlds: The DVD is released

Back to the Past

The road kill of Tom Cruise's life

Desination Tom Cruise

War of the Worlds and Katrina

What really is an anti-Semite?

Why do a movie about the Olympic slaughter?

Itís only natural -- food

What does Spielberg think?

Keeping up with the cheap thrills

A sinful soul? (link repaired)

Home grown aliens? (link repaired)

Offending Steven Spielberg

Fist fight in my mind

Sorry, Mr. Kubrick

Why I hate Stanley Kubrick

We're all Ray inside

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