Al Sullivan's Journal


It's 3 a.m.

Snow drift


The Curse

Terms of Entrapment

I'm a bum

Glass Fish

These Days

Alien encounter

A different flame

The Lady in the Yellow Voltswagon

White Knights

Not an April Fool's joke

A difference of age

Playing the role of director

It won't stunt my growth?

The Trees, the bees, the leaves and me.

Good timing

Chinese Water Torture

Poetry anyone?

Why did you do it, Michael?

Remembering the rain

Down and Out at the Tick Tock Diner


Death Dance

Third Annual WCW poetry festival

In a fog


Paper Ships


Bob's fabulous bookstore in Booton

Icon of the student lounge

Place Holder

Worm in the apple of life

Just another bad dream



People never last

Wayne invades Passaic

Going by the rules

Sometimes being right isn't enough

Just a bit of old fashioned slavery

Cycles' End

My gal Patty

Kalico Kitchen coffee

Aunt Florence is dead

Uncle Harry's Call

Richie's suicide attempt

I'm a communist at heart

Envying the pigeons


One who flew into the coo coo's nest

Renaissance Fair

Blue shirts; white shirts

Going Mad

Red sticker in my car window

Back to School

A message to myself

Too tired for the beach

Mind Control/a>

The Christian myth

Power Struggle

Rain, masks and reality

imitation of greatness

Literary politics

A new bed

Strike vote taken

Apathy Kills

No good end

Cool to care

Peter Sellers for President

What it takes

A frank talk

Beginnings and endings

Reggie, Woody and mek

In the cold of night

Putting things in perspective

The last chapter

Ralph's Revenge

Doom and Gloom

First signs of Winter

Ah, Carol October 29, 1980

October 30, 1980

Three Ralphs Nov. 3, 1980

Election Day

A calm day

November 30, 1980

Walking the riverside 11/05/80


Christmas Job at Toys R Us

The Garfield side of the river: December, 1980

Two Guys from Garfield

Rock and Roll Weary: 1979-80

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