Suburban Misfits (monologues and plays)

The Ghost in Old Mill Tavern (Shooting script)

The ghost in the old mill tavern (a new script)
The fire in Billly's eyes(monologue)

The ghosts of Emerald Cave(monologue)

Fog (monologue)

The Ring (monologue script for my film)

Nevins (monologue)

No one to blame(short two person play)

Christmas with Harry (monologue)

Graduation Practice (monologue)

What to do about me?(monologue)

The ghost of our old tavern (monologue- sort of)

Faking it (the script)
This is the orignal script from which my later video was adapted
Road to no where (a full movie script from Suburban Misfits)

Warehouse addict (from Suburban Misfits)

Getting Kenny to be Kenny(from Suburban Misfits)

Karabunga(from Suburban Misfits)

Secretarial pool (from Suburban Misfits)

No one to blame (treatment for possible one act play)

My chantilly Lady (sort of a monologue)

Helping ET to go home -- the script (from Suburban Misfits)

Taking the long way home (original concept monologue for video "Helping ET to Get home"

Breaking the ice (from Suburban Misfits)

Religious School (a one-act play)

A Pen Set
Plastic Music (from Suburban Misfits)

Private Communion (from Suburban Misfits)

Just doing my job (from Suburban Misfits)

An Urban Legend
A gift for Pauly(monologue to video)

Deliver us from Evil(script to upcoming video)

Escape (from some novel or another)

Lodi (mologue to video)

Take him or I'll murder him(monologue)

Living with Winnie the Pooh (From The Suburban Misfits)

Where have all the flowers gone? (from Suburban Misfits)

Just another old fashioned love song (from Suburban Misfits)

A Gift for Paul (The screen play)


Graystone Park

Nightmare from Third Street

Dressing for eternity

It's the end of the world as we know it

Something is growing in my Welch's Grape drink

Sailing along: dialogue version

A tendency to wander

Where the Ducks are

My ghetto home

Bubba (the autobiographical account)

Mary, quite contrary

Girl in the yellow Volkswagon

Meatball's first feminist

Autobiographical Novel: Portrait of a young con artist

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