The Insurrection (Novel outline/film treatment)

I am an American (monologue)

Why I robbed your bank (monologue)

following orders (monologue)

Bail out (short script)
Faith explains everything (monologue)

America is a good country (monologue)

Privatizing War

Cell (monologue)

Making Jews of us all

Stuck again in Leonardville (monologue)

The fast track (monologue)

Let's bring back slavery

Boot Straps

Are you a terrorist? (monologue)

What's in a memory anyway? (monologue)

Which of us is most savage? (monologue)

Hurry up and die

Bringing the company's towers down (monologue)

Which side am I on? (monologue)

More equal than others (monologue)

It's us or them (monologue)

Christ on my brain like a bullet (monologue)

Cheering for the home team? (monologue)

The first shot is for father (monologue)

Building coffins (monologue)

Ghosts of the undying soldier (Monologue)

Floating in the Potomac (monologue)

America: Love it or Leave it (Satire)

Senate hearing

Why the mayor and council had to die(monologue)

Rain of people (monologue)
A Letter from the President

Why I support the troops (monologue)
Going to America

The Gray Panther (two character play)

God's Son

The Gay Senator (monologue)

Flies instead of eyes (monologue )

Nothing but fat cats

Just like medical benefits (monologue)

I only have one country (monologue)


Sure, I'm grateful for welfare reform(monologue)

Bring him home now
Why we won (a Republican victory speech)

Getting them while they're young

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