Cops & Robbers

A familiar face (monologue)

Rookie (monologue)

For Old Time's Sake (monologue)

A Christmas Racket (a long monologue)

Making the public defender happy

The greatest heist (monologue)

The Perfect Scheme (monologue)

A big bad cop

My brother Bobby

Taking back the park

Honey, I killed the kids

The Jesus Police

Who to blame?
Thief (A very short play)

Pool Hall
The killer instinct (monologue)

Conspiracy theory (Works best as a radio play)

Mugged Twice

Mystery TV plot: Keeping things in order

Mystery TV plot: A shot in the dark
It's your life or mine (monologue)

Setting a bad example (monologue)

What I came here to do? (monologue)

Getting Billy upset (monologue)

A view from a park bench (monologue)

Being Captain Kirk (monologue)

Messing with Peggy (monologue)

The car at the curb (monologue)

To err is human (monologue)

Never fight fair(monologue)

No where to go (monologue)

Getting the one who did it (monologue )

It's only a matter of time(monologue)

Tom is a clever boy (monologue )

Confession of a pervert hunter

Better than feeling empty

Bad Deal (idea treatment for possible film)

The Lamb (monologue)

My father's son(monologue)

And they want us back?(monologue)

A bad influence(monologue)


Haunted Hotel (monologue)

Bubble Trouble (Monologue)

You should listen to your mother(monologue)

My time to die (monologue)

Not being George (monologue)

The ghost of my own life (monologue)

All too human (monologue)

You can't trust nobody (monologue)

Payment due? (monologue)

No Cool Hand Luke (monologue)

Oh what a strange trip it's been (Monologue)

Quit eating so loud (Monologue)

My murderous intent (Monologue)

Sixty Days or Sixty Dollars (monologue)

I'm a dead man

Suspect (Dialogue)

Conspiracy (an action adventure script)

Am I in hell? (monologue)

A real scream this time (monologue)

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