My news stories on 911


The longest day

Secaucus mourns

Ferries to the rescue

Escape from New York

In case of emergency

Not in Kansas anymore- seeking safe space

A change of Universe: How 9/11 changes science fiction

Helping hands

Counseling students

Taking up the cause for 9/11

A patriotic gathering: 9/11 and Veteran's Day


A musical cure

Display of patriotism

A mission of mercy

Everybody loved Steven

Sending in the clown

Old reliable?

Everyday heroes

Engraving an important moment

We will remember

Paying tribute: Gen. Alexander Haig visits Sept. 11 memorial

Santa Claus came to town


Unsung local hero

Remembering to remember

A tree grew in Secaucus

Making it happen

Locks for love

Saying thanks


WTC hero

Moving toward a Sept. 11 memorial

Jersey Side (of 9/11)

Essays from Pier A: September/November, 2001

monologues and poems

We ain't scared of no filthy Arabs

Bringing the Twin Towers down

Text for Circling the Twin Towers poem

Rain of people (monologue)
I only have one country (monologue)

It's us or them (monologue)

America is a good country (monologue)

Are you a terrorist? (monologue)

Bringing the company's towers down (monologue)


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