Journal Archieves 2013

Blissful tenderness

A November chill

Who knows where it goes from there

Saturday night's all right for getting lost

The morning before the morning when the clocks turn back

Another cycle ends

A sunny sunday in Jersey city

All we have to do is wait

Keeping the windows closed

Sometimes a play is just a play

Cold rain a comin

The Day of the dolphins

More where they came from

The men at the end of the walkway

Motel on the edge of town

On with the show

Standing at the edge of dawn

First Night in Cape May

Vacation from reality

Unscathed? Oct. 06, 2013

The smell of the sea Oct. 05, 2013

This is only a test Oct. 04, 2013

Recruit Oct. 03, 2013

The vacuum they leave Oct. 02, 2013

Shock and Vegeance Oct. 01, 2013

Life is good Sept.28, 2013

Standing alone, Sept.27, 2013

The small things that matter

dancing on the underside

Sharks must be sharks Sept.26, 2013

Cool change of climate Sept.24, 2013

The trouble with Karma Sept.23, 2013

That track back Sept.23, 2013

The Chaos of life

Waking in expectation of change Sept.22, 2013

The rain that never comes

Out the other side Sept.21, 2013

Purity restored Sept.20, 2013

Plum Sept.15, 2013

Someone else's playground Jan. 3, 2013

The fly inside, Jan. 10, 2013

In search of what, Jan. 19, 2013

Her best friend, Feb. 2, 2013

St. Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2013

Rubbing things green, March 2, 2013

Wash and dry, March 3, 2013

Sole existance, March 10, 2013

Messing with Time, March 9, 2013

The need to feed, March 15, 2013

Bowl of string beans, March 29, 2013

On a stoop in Secaucus April 11, 2013

Anti-Matter April 12, 2013

Down Deep May 01, 2013

Fear of falling May 15, 2013

After the rain in Manhattan June 5, 2013


a new day dawning

Unripe Pear Aug. 15, 2013


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