Journal archives 2012

Dates are approximate since at some points they come from softcover notebooks and jottings

Obama Strikes again

Nightmare in Iowa

Blaming the poor

Love on the Light Rail

Laundry Day in America

The problem with China

Build it, but they won't come

Development like Baby Blocks

An Outlaw come home

Who can protect me now?

Waiths in the night

Gone but not forgotten

forty years ago today

What more can any man ask for?

With only one eye to see

Big Pete: A big footprint

I hear it is your birthday

Hey, how about a drink?

Not the same

Pissed off again

Who is this person?

The parking man can

The real cheese

Barely breathing

self deception

It won't be the same

Something Special (Union City)

German Beer

Imus made me do it


Dots on the window

Loss of reason

All she could wish for


Cigarette glow

Mother Load


Master of innuendo

Half guilt

swimming in quick sand

The cycles of life

An exclusive club of one

Troubled waters

Sink holes

Half right

Reinventing reality

Coney Island

Someone to blame

Gray Day

Fortune cookies

Never so kind

All there is?


Night in the Blue Motel

Chains of life

Life inside a fortune cookie

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