Journal Archieves 2009



Christmas Eve in Scranton

It could have been worse

All's ill that ends ill

Christmas traditions gone afoul

Krazy the cat

Vengeance instead of justice

Not the way it was

The car is a curse

Friday the thirteenth

Remembering my mother

Waiting to go south

Being Stupid

Bugging Michael Bloomberg

The Second American Civil War(journal)

What it takes to be a Republican

On the fringe of change

Dead squirrel on my doorstep

Retirement village of the love generation

Another perfect storm coming?

Bad, bad weekend

A return to Woodstock

The joke is on Spielberg

Taken away in handcuffs

Sad moment in Hudson County

The pan and scan scam

Coming back to New York

Walter Cronkite is dead

Trying not to be the paparazzi

Beware the change of decade

Smaller is better

It's all too much

Let's get real

Ensemble is secret in Crystal Skull

Acting is hard

Jackson, Elvis and Me

They're NOT going to put me in the movies

America is not what is once was

Independence Day

I don't want a job, Mr. Spielberg

Seeking immorality

Ruthless people

It's Tuesday, it must be Hoboken

Not Blind

Michael Jackson: Waiting for Eternity

Going Green

Madoff made me do it

Putting me in the movies?

Too much trouble getting old

My car is haunted

A philosophy of greed

Spring snow anyone?

Spring has sprung

Don't steal from the rich

Sympathy for a conman

Rainy Day and it Ain't even Monday

The sad case of being Tom Hanks


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